The Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP)

SEAP is your partner and resource. We amplify the efforts of existing organizations and networks that work towards broadening economic power and building a more equitable future.

Broadening economic power brings attention to how race, class and gender intersect social and economic policy in the South. We explore policy ideas designed to directly address these connections. SEAP focuses on 12 Southern states and marginalized/vulnerable populations within the region and is a fiscally sponsored project of the Roosevelt Institute.

Links policy experts and local organizers

Connects national thinkers and southern leaders

Converts bold concepts into proven ideas with research and analysis

Our Team

Stacey Abrams

Executive Director
(Atlanta, GA)

Sarah Beth Gehl

Research Director
(Atlanta, GA)

Ali Bustamante

Senior Research Associate
(New Orleans, LA)

Genny Castillo

Regional Engagement Director
(Atlanta, GA)


For media inquiries, email SEAP@allisonpr.com

Social Media

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