We are a collection of Southern organizations and scholars seeking an equitable and people-first response to economic recovery in a post-pandemic South.


The Policy Entrepreneurs Program is a specialized virtual training initiative, conducted twice a quarter, aimed at empowering participants in the realms of policy-making and advocacy. This comprehensive program is designed to cover essential topics such as policy agenda setting, effective mobilization and advocacy techniques, the critical role of data in policy formation, compliance with regulatory standards, and the principles of trauma-informed leadership. By selecting 25 participants or organizations for each session, SEAP aims to enhance their capabilities and elevate their roles in the intricate process of policy creation and advocacy, thereby contributing to more informed, effective, and compassionate governance and organizational practices.


Below is a statement of shared values for moving the South from crisis to equity.

JOINT STATEMENT: We have agreed to work together on a shared approach to make policymakers and stakeholders aware of and accountable for the social and economic inequities exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic — one that is based on respect, dignity, equity, and justice.

While each of us launches our own efforts to promote actionable responses to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have agreed to the following principles as we affirm our Southern values.

COVID-19 does not adhere to local, state, or national boundaries. Communities must work together with government for a full picture of what’s happening on the ground and what improvements are needed. We understand the need for close coordination and collaboration to ensure that the response to COVID-19 is equitable, accountable, and transparent.