The future of the South is shaped by the government budgets of today. Now is the time for the people to have a say in their future.

About the Campaign

Three Areas of Focus

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Technical Assistance

We provide pro bono support for Southern organizations, including grant writing, project ideation and management, strategic planning, data and survey collection, performing research, and identifying best practices.

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Network Building

To encourage community building, we connect organizations so they can share tactics, form relationships, and spread innovations. Learn more.

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We study the needs of small local governments and advocates in accessing federal resources.

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Learn how Our Dollars, Our Dreams can help put public funding to work in your community. You’re also invited to connect with us during our Office Hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Our Dollars, Our Dreams?

    Our Dollars, Our Dreams is an initiative of SEAP that empowers Southern communities to take ownership of the billions of dollars in federal funding currently available.

  • What resources are available through this campaign?

    To help communities secure public dollars, Our Dollars, Our Dreams provides research on equity efforts, resources to help partners secure funds, and connections between partners to share best practices.

  • Is there a fee for participating in the campaign?

    There is no fee to participate in Our Dollars, Our Dreams.

  • How can my organization participate in Our Dollars, Our Dreams?

    To learn how Our Dollars, Our Dreams can work with your organization, contact Liza Crichton at You can also submit the contact form above.

  • Who is SEAP?

    Founded in 2019, SEAP amplifies the work of organizations and networks to broaden economic power and build a more equitable future. SEAP focuses on 12 Southern states with an emphasis on marginalized and vulnerable populations.

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Our work starts with making connections. Let us know how SEAP can be a partner and resource to you.