Over the past five years, the Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP) has been at the forefront of catalyzing economic growth and promoting equity across the South. With a mission deeply rooted in fostering an inclusive economy, SEAP has championed initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by this diverse region. Through strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and a steadfast commitment to community engagement, SEAP has made significant strides in uplifting underserved communities. As SEAP celebrates its five-year milestone, it remains dedicated to building on its achievements, guided by a vision of a prosperous South where opportunity is accessible to all.

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SEAP’s impact is evident in the thousands of lives transformed through our efforts to bridge economic disparities and advocate for sustainable development in the South.

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 Founded by Stacey Abrams, SEAP stands as a testament to the power of women’s leadership in driving social and economic change. SEAP embodies a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, showcasing the remarkable capabilities and perspectives we bring to the forefront of economic advancement initiatives.

SEAP remains committed to ensuring every community is empowered and informed with the resources needed to confidently take a seat at decision-making tables and advance an equitable future for all Southerners.

Sarah Beth Gehl, SEAP's Executive Director

In 5 years, SEAP has been a revolution in the South. From a fully equitable approach to COVID vaccine distribution efforts, to supporting our Black Farmers, to creating a leadership space for youth and engaging conversations on Black Maternal Health and executing Spanish Language Convenings around Medicaid SEAP puts the South first. SEAP remains committed to ensuring every voice in the South is heard, and every community is empowered to take their seat at decision making tables, in order to advance an equitable future for all.

Genny Castillo, SEAP's Deputy Director

SEAP's super-power is unlocking the potential for positive change in Southern communities by creating equitable inroads to funding, network and capacity-building resources, and public policy.

Liza Crichton, Federal Resource Coordinator

SEAP’s commitment to transforming the narrative of the South to a story of resilience, growth, and hope is as critical and timely as ever.

Dede Dunham, SEAP's Communications Director

SEAP’s ability to connect people from across the South to build transformative networks and relationships is an invaluable resource for community leaders who are seeking to affect progressive, sustainable change.

Emily Roberts, Engagement Coordinator


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SEAP's Five Year Impact

Dive into our 5-year journey with SEAP's comprehensive report and learn how our initiatives have significantly contributed to creating a more equitable South. For a deeper understanding of our impact and future directions, access the full narrative. 

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