SEAP Releases 2023 Annual Report

SEAP, founded in 2019 by Stacey Abrams, partners with policy thinkers and doers to amplify their efforts and bridge gaps in policy infrastructure. SEAP aims to advance policies that improve economic security, healthcare access, and environmental justice for all Southerners—acting as a connector, convener, and policy entrepreneur across issues and states, translating good ideas to the Southern context.

We support the efforts of existing organizations and networks that work towards broadening economic power and building a more equitable future. Broadening economic power brings attention to how race, class and gender intersect social and economic policy in the South. We explore policy ideas designed to address these connections directly.

In 2023, our team took significant strides to strengthen our work within the policy areas we focus on: economic security, climate and health. Along with drafting a three-year strategic plan, SEAP hired a new team member to serve as the Federal Resources Coordinator and began the groundwork for its 2024 initiative, Our Dollars, Our Dreams. Click the link below to dive into the in-between and learn more about our efforts, transitions and successes from 2023.

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