SEAP Joins Forces with Arkansas Black Mayors Association to Empower Local Communities with Federal Funding Opportunities

LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP) proudly announces its recent collaborative meeting with the Arkansas Black Mayors Association on Thursday, March 14th. The event marked a significant step forward in SEAP’s Our Dollars, Our Dreams initiative, empowering Arkansas communities with vital information on 2024 federal grant and loan programs, new tax credits for clean energy projects, and effective strategies for constructing successful applications.

The meeting, which saw esteemed attendance including Executive Director Mr. Frank Bateman and 15 mayors from various Arkansas towns/cities, including Pine Bluff, Wrightsville, and Strong, facilitated a productive dialogue on harnessing unused American Rescue Plan (ARP) dollars for essential projects like affordable housing and workforce development. In addition, the discussion delved into the strategic planning and capacity-building grants offered by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the groundbreaking Direct Pay tax credit program from the Inflation Reduction Act.

SEAP provided comprehensive insights on leveraging the federal government’s Thriving Communities network and outlined how the organization can support small governments, especially in rural areas, in navigating these federal opportunities. The meeting underscored the critical need for ongoing education and awareness to ensure local leaders fully capitalize on available resources.

“Mayors on the call provided excellent feedback about the need for ongoing education and awareness about federal opportunities, as well as for organizations like SEAP who are committed to assisting small governments to build capacity, especially in rural areas,” said Liza Crichton, SEAP’s Federal Resource Coordinator. “SEAP is grateful for the opportunity and looks forward to continued partnership and work with the Arkansas Black Mayors Association.”

The collaboration also highlighted recent success stories, such as the East Camden Drainage Improvement project and the Stephens Wastewater Improvement project, demonstrating the tangible impacts of effective funding utilization. These examples serve as a beacon for other communities seeking to address infrastructure needs and improve residents’ quality of life.

SEAP and the Arkansas Black Mayors Association are committed to ongoing collaboration. We plan to host future webinars and virtual meetings to deepen local understanding and engagement with federal funding mechanisms. This partnership is poised to drive significant advancements for Arkansas’ towns and cities, paving the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

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