SEAP Addresses Medicaid Unwinding Concerns in Spanish Teletown Hall for Nearly 4,700 Georgia Residents

On December 12, the Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP) hosted a teletown hall in Spanish, focusing on the critical issue of Medicaid unwinding. SEAP partnered with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Georgia Legal Services Program. The event focused on providing crucial information and assistance to families in Georgia grappling with issues related to Medicaid unwinding, specifically emphasizing concerns related to children.

A recent report released by the CMS reveals that Georgia ranks as the third worst state in the nation when it comes to disenrolling children from Medicaid. Almost 4,700 participants joined the conversation, highlighting the importance of SEAP’s unique outreach efforts and showcasing a commendable level of needed engagement with the community.

Most questions raised during the teletown hall were related to children, underscoring the community’s specific concerns about Medicaid. Specific and top questions included:


  • Delayed Medicaid Approval: A concerned participant shared, “My baby has been sick for four months waiting for Medicaid after I applied. What can I do so (the baby) can receive Medicaid as fast as possible?”
  • Denial of Medicaid for a Sick Child: Another participant inquired, “I have applied for Medicaid, but my son was denied. He is now sick, and my income is low. Can I apply again for my son?”
  • Duration of Child Medicaid Coverage: Listeners sought clarification on the duration a child can be covered under Medicaid, reflecting the community’s need for comprehensive information.


Genny Castillo, SEAP’s Regional Engagement Director, expresses her gratitude for the community’s active participation: “We are encouraged by the overwhelming response to our teletown hall. The engagement and questions showcase the critical need for accessible information on Medicaid happenings. SEAP is committed to addressing these concerns and facilitating access to essential healthcare services for all individuals and families in our Southern region.”

SEAP is committed to providing support and addressing the community’s concerns regarding Medicaid. We aim for state leaders to use these events/data to enhance their communications and outreach out Medicaid Unwinding. Click here for more information on #MedicaidUnwinding.